Specialized Trauma Counseling, On-Line Sessions, and Educational Seminars by Clinical Psychologists and Licensed Bodyworkers

At our Center, we specialize in working with teens through adults who have experienced trauma.  "I'm stuck in the past, but I want to move forward!" We're here to support you as you discover the life you'd like to lead.


We offer in-person and on-line sessions in English, Korean, and Japanese. Please look through our site, and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. 

You may reach us via car or train from Saitama-ken, Tokyo, Gunma-ken, or Tochigi-ken.  For clients further away, we also offer sessions via Skype.

The Center is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., with the last available appointment beginning at 7:00 p.m.


**If your birth was a difficult one (difficult delivery, premature birth, Caesarean section, etc.), or if you are experiencing difficulty in your interpersonal relationships (spouse, family, etc.) you may have Developmental Trauma. This is trauma which occurred before you developed the ability to speak. In these situations, we forgo traditional talk therapy and use bodywork to support regulation of your nervous system. We use our Saitama facility for these bodywork sessions. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


About Us

We at TTCR , under the auspices of the NPO Negai no Ie, are an organization which supports trauma recovery through physiological education, information dissemination, and individual and group therapy. At TTCR you may:

  1. Receive an individual session
  2. Attend a group session or lecture
  3. Find some trauma-related resources

People often say, "You can't change the past," and "Stop worrying about things you can't change." However, difficult experiences and memories from the past often emerge on their own (What is Trauma?). Intellectually, we know it's in the past. But physically, we once again experience the painful sensations. This response is a natural, physical one in all of us. And in time, just as with recovery from a physical accident, healing will occur. If we give ourselves the time and space to clearly address these physiological responses (trauma), they will largely improve, just as with a physical accident. (Please click here for more information on symptoms and conditions resulting from the effects of trauma.)

Certainly the past can't be changed. But we can change our physical responses to traumatic memories and events. At TTCR, we take a body-oriented approach to trauma therapy. As we work with the body, the nervous system naturally begins to regulate itself, lending an ease to and making more things possible. Let's work together to regulate your nervous system and discover the life you'd like to lead!


Our Therapists

Here is where you'll find information about each of the therapists affiliated with TTCR.

Our Approach

At TTCR, we don't just use traditional talk therapy counseling methods. We've founded our practice on the latest body-oriented therapy: Somatic Experiencing®.

Location and Pricing

Our private office is a few minutes walk from the JR Sashiougi (指扇)Station. We will provide further details when we confirm your appointment.